Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Utilizing the internet in lesson

Today's lesson

  •  podcast-need to install itunes.

-expose students to story telling, sentence structure-so that students have ideas & interest in that language. By incorporating technology for it.

-Find, vinay venkatraman, "technology crafts" for the digitally undeserved.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013's class

Creating a website the easy way...

open source, donwloadable
user friendly
can be managed by group

shopping store
cms website for developers (own website)-downloadable system

  1. Download (the system) xampp as well
  2. install (buy ur own domain name - .com: rm30-50 per year
  3. customize & publish!



  •  apache-server OS (lynux)
  •  mysql (database system)contains: 
  1. Database name
  2. Database username
  3. Database password
  4. Database host
  5. Table prefix (if you want to run more than one WordPress in a single database)
  1. drive c-xampp folder-htdocs
  2. zip file-extract-get a folder-(wordpress 3.5.1)-open folder-copy folder-put in htdocs (in xampp folder)

-to develop the folder, just focus on the 'content' folder

Name your database> create