Sunday, March 17, 2013

A day with An-Nasuha's children.

This program was organized by BEDSA (Bachelor of Education Students' Society).

At first, I thought it wasn't going to be a great day. There's just some minor problems- the program started a bit late, we had to patiently waited for the participants, etc... But it ended up well, after we had a 'counseling session' with kak Zue. Well, it supposed to be called as LDK (Latihan dalam kumpulan), but having a counseling module isn't a bad start. Kak Zue deserves to be a counselor, I think. She applied all her knowledge & shared them with us! :D

There's a famous saying: 'A picture speaks a thousand words'.
So let these picture 'speak', I guess more than a thousand words- but millions? *Hah!*

Our miss MC, Sabrina the teenage girl! She ain't a witch. :p

Kak Zue, our counselor-to-be...

This was my emotion at the beginning. Blur memanjang. 

Tia, the artistic girl. She's one of the most creative person I've met in my life. I love paintings in her room~ Hah!

Next, this was what I wanted to feel this morning-  be cheerful! And Kak Zue added with a quotation; "Life is about adjustment", it's about how we try to manage ourselves into the situation. *positive thinking mode~*

Hope I can always stay energetic!

"Please draw a tree"

"I'm done Kak Zue...! What's next?"

"Cut down the papers, put 2 different colors at each side. And then, write your qualities at the right side of the tree, and your negative characteristics on the left."

"U-hum. Done!"

Eh, semek perasan la kita ambik gambar dia :P

I wanted to capture these girls' picture. Yang jelir lidah tu cakap, "Satu je".

Pian. The most extrovert among the an-nasuha's children

I can't remember his name, but he's good in arts, just like my little brother. Boys are creative, aren't they? 

'Dondang sayang...' :p

Hafiz (or we called him pisang, because we've got a topic on local fruits- and he's wearing yellow shirt, so...PISANG! Btw, he made this 'gun'. Cool isn't it? He's more creative than me. -,-'

'Cikgu' tengah berlatih~

Sofy with a ten year old girl.

I'm such a bad actor. I'm  a policewoman, yet I was smiling! Topi pulak jatuh. *malu*

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Data in the clouds

We no longer need a thumb drive, because everything can be stored in the clouds! :)

And I've started to like it.
But not my personal stuffs, of course... -,-

Saturday, March 2, 2013

My favorites of the month

"What you love is what you obey, and what you obey is the indication of what you truly love."

Perhaps that's why we need to learn about the prophet,& know his characters, so that we will follow his actions. 

I started to know Yasmin Mogahed through Aiman Azlan's blog. I just love the way she delivers the idea or messages about Islam, & people easily get inspired by listening to her lectures or reading her writings. Do visit her website here for more inspiring articles.

Let's watch this video. You'll get inspired, inshaAllah~ :)