Friday, April 15, 2011

MUET examination.I'm Done!Alhamdulillah~

*This is a chinese Muslim girl..Smile!*
Such a long title.*Grin*
Syukur Alhamdulillah,I've finished my 2nd MUET test!*Phew!*
What a relief!
Talking about MUET,gelepor nok balik dumoh~
Ketor lutut ambe...
I hope that my second attempt will be better ^_^
Cuma mau share itu pengalaman la deh...
I learned from my past mistakes.
Let's go through one by one...

*Listen carefully~*

Oh,I remembered the first time I sat for MUET speaking test,Alhamdulillah,the questions were not as hard as the listening test during the final exam of asasi TESL.*phew!*
The listening test at uitm was much much harder because the recorded voice that we heard was in fully British accent!(Ala-ala cerita Harry potter tanpa subtitle~Fuh.Dah la cakap laju,macam ribut)
However,I've made a silly mistake by writing the answers on the wrong papers!*Screaming*
Yeah,please take note about this.Because just now,I saw a candidate beside me also made the same mistake that I've done before...Thank God the committees were quite lenient~


Unlike the listening test for asasi,we wrote the answers in the test careful about this...They do mention that you have to write & circle the correct answers in the booklet,but maybe certain people are not aware of this,(or daydreaming,maybe?).
So...My advice here,please concentrate 100% for this test!
You have to crack your head for just 30 minutes~
Yeah,half an hour only laa...
*Good girl!*
You also have to concentrate in this paper.No time for a daydreaming or discussing with your friends.(Of course you are not allowed to discuss..It's an examination!)
Keep focusing on answering the questions as fast as you can,correctly, and cautiously.So that you will have some time to re-check your answers just now.
And...I've read some tips in the revision book..
We have to learn on the skimming and scanning technique of reading.
And read fast.
Hoho...I admit,I still can't do that.
But there's a tip stated there,for the skimming technique,you read the introduction,first and last sentence of each paragraph,and a conclusion.
Then,if the question asks you about certain things,look for the certain word or clue only.
For instance:

"World war 2"
Then,you have to search for the symbol of '2'.Eheh.
This method is kind of working I guess...I've tried it just now for the last passage,because I'm afraid that I didn't have enough time to check my answers.
Anyways,do a lot of practices,read a lot yah.Make yourself get used to english words & sentences.I suggest you to read articles or magazines because MUET always includes questions from those sources.
(Meanwhile,I've read a lot on blogs and novel only.Or maybe story books?Lack of new bombastic vocabs!UUuuuw!There's a lot of vocabs that I think was very new for me,and I don't even know the meaning.But dear,don't worry,you've already learned about 'Determine the meaning of an unfamiliar word through context' in College Reading Skills subject.Alhamdulillah~I've managed to recognize the meaning of certain unfamiliar words.*Grin*)

*He used to be a rapper,and now he's a Muslim.Alhamdulillah*

Ha ha .This test is kind of funny.I don't know why.
Okay,my personal advice...
Look out for new vocabs.Do not keep repeating the same word and also make sure that you speak fluent enough.Er,you may also speak in front of the mirror if you want,ALONE(if you don't want people to think that you are insane.Ngeheh)
Certain people said that thinking in english might also help.But I still think that the best way to practice is by SPEAKING!
Up to you,if you want to make your own group discussion,that will be better :)
And please,this is a formal conversation..
Do not use shortforms like 'wanna' or 'gonna'.
Yeah,I've made a mistake by using this shortform last Monday T_T
Don't do that okay ^_^
Be formal,yet informative.Haiyo...

*Use a PEN for the essay.Not a 2B or whatever grades of pencils you have.He heh*

Last but not least, WRITING
I don't have much to discuss on this topic,because I'm not good enough in writing,frankly speaking.But,all you can do is just look out for more bombastic words,idioms and also wide range in the usage of linkers too.He he.I hate this part.But writing in blog is much different,it's informal writing.When it comes to formal essay writing on a serious issue,I turned into a blank. 0_o
However,the best way you can do is just keep practicing,write a lot (such as blogging.Ahaks!),and read a lot.You need plentiful of informations to be used during the exam.So,how can you write if you don't even have any knowledge about certain topics?
Unless you have remembered or read a research or something to support you arguments. ^_^

So,for the becoming candidates of MUET,I hope that you may get well-prepared for the exam.Do not waste you RM61 by keep repeating the same exam just because of your laziness(like me).
Yeah,I need a band 4 to pursue my study in degree of TESL at UITM.
(Never mind,I can go to UIA.Haha)
No no nope!
Whatever it takes,I need a band 4,by hook or by crook!
Remember people,
"An inch miss is as good as a mile"
So,don't ever give up!
You can  master the skills,as long as you are diligent enough.
Your willpower can change everything.
But also,if Allah wills you.
Pray & tawakkal.

Peace be upon you~


  1. Alhamdulillah :-)
    ok semua nampak gayanya. inshaAllah, semoga band 4, 5, 6 dalam gapaian (^_^)
    sekarang tinggal berdoa.

  2. "An inch miss is as good as a mile"

    macam penah jumpa je ni. tp kat mane yea? o.O

  3. dibah--->syukran ukti!& tahniah utk result kamu yg gempak.aha

    minn--->dekat status fb?he he .it's an yg lps pn ak guna utk title