Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Kemunculan semula

Hello there!

It's been months since I last posted something on this blog. Why? Because I've lost the password. Yes, since it is synced with the Gmail account, everything is messed up! But, no problem. Everything's settled now... and I'm back to business! :D

Actually, I really want to share my thoughts or experiences on my major. But unfortunately, I am always making myself 'busy' with other stuffs.

You know that based on my experience, you tend to be lazy when you do not take your shower!
Your body feels very uncomfortable, so you do not want to start doing anything on that particular day. This always happens when you do not have anything to do on that day in your daily plan. Unlike when you have a class early in the morning  or a meeting to attend to. You tend to force yourself to wake up as early as possible, put on your best outfit, and get prepared earlier.

However, once you do not have anything to plan on the next day, you tend to delay things until the eleventh hour. By that moment, things won't really work as you have expected before.


No worries!
Because you still have the time to recover things.

The same goes to our life...
We were so 'syok sendiri' in this world, it's like you're semi-conscious living on this earth.
So let's stop being dillydally, and start WORKIN'!

Menanti bunga tumbuh dari kaktus. Entah bila.