Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Programming (week 4)


We started the class with several questions to refresh the previous lesson on last week (which was about DATABASE)


*related to each other


  • To combine/relate the tables after we normalize it

How we relate one to another tables?

  • Conditions (primary key, foreign key & type of relationship)

  1. Primary key- a field (column) that uniquely identifies each record in the table [eg: matric numbers]
  2. Foreign key- a field added to a table in order to relate record to another table [when a primary key goes to another table, it becomes a foreign key]-just like a foreign student, we call them foreign when they study at another country
  3. Types of relationship:

  • One-to-one relationship-only have one related record [for confidential & general information]
  • One to many
  • Many to many

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Human & tennis

As we played tennis this morning, Zaleha came out with an idea, and I found out that it sounds cool...~! :)

Understanding semantics

Semantics= the study of meaning.

In semantics, I'll be learning about pragmatics which is about how context affects meaning, and also lexical which involves in the relationship among words...

Guess I need to read a lot in this course. *sigh*

Flowers from abah

Abah went to Cameron Highlands and brought home a few pots of flowers & vegetables-a box of cabbage. This is one of my favorite- it looks so feminine, isn't it. 

Subhanallah, beautiful stuff. :D
But I can't remember it's name.

One thing that I adore about my father- he's good in taking care of plants, flowers and such an organized man.

Usrah yang best


Kalau dekat UIA ni perkataan usrah agak famous dalam kalangan student nye. Tapi aku tak pasti la macam mana kat universiti lain. Tapi dekat sini, memang boleh tengok lambakan 'bulatan gembira' aka usrah. Pergilah dekat mana-mana pon, masjid, rectory building, cafe, ataupun sports complex, akan ada yang buat usrah. 

So, persoalannya... 
Apasal diorang ni sibuk-sibuk sangat dengan usrah nih...?

Tak cukup lagi ke dengan classmates, BFF, atau room mates yang ada?
Ilmu yang ceramah belambak tu tak cukup lagi ke?


Sepanjang aku sekolah menengah, aku tak pernah tahu menahu pasal usrah segala bagai ni.
Bila ada broadband dekat rumah & abah beli komputer, aku pun mula lah explore macam-macam benda yang ada kat alam maya tu... Aku ingat lagi, masa zaman aku suka online tu, adanya Friendster. Dari situ macam-macam lah yang member aku share, termasuk yang ex-sekolah agama. Dari situ aku tahu website yang memperkenalkan aku dengan term2  Islamik nih macam 'tabarruj', 'mujahadah' dan sebagainya... Masa tu aku sedarlah betapa jahilnya aku sebagai seorang Muslim. Sadis sungguh rasanya.

When it comes to my university life, I was introduced to the usrah system, starting from my foundation study. Yes. It's fun. They were not only sharing knowledge, but also instilling & spreading love towards the members of the usrah. Diorang pun ada explorace, bukan sekadar ilmiah semata-mata. Well, manusia pun tahu bosan, kan?

Banyak lagi untuk aku discover tentang usrah ni. Tarbiah la, ukhuwah la... It's not a matter of theoretical thingy... 
But for me,usrah is something beyond of what we think of-in fact, we don't even think of it.

Cuma aku sedang mencari lagi, apa yang istimewanya dengan usrah ni...

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Assalamualaikum cikgu!

*LAT-it's one of my favourite cartoonist*

Aku teringat dulu-dulu, kalau pegi sekolah, kita semangat bagi salam kat cikgu, tapi bukan semua cikgu reply salam kita tu. Tapi macam mana pon, kite yang anak-anak murid ni tetap bagi salam. 

Moral of the story: 
Buat aja lah benda baik walaupun tak dapat balasan... Even senyum je pon... Tapi sokmo yakin dengan balasan pahala. Woha~

Baru aku perasan, bagus jugak sistem student diajar bagi salam kat cikgu ni ye. Ajar untuk ikut sunnah, walaupun nampak kecik, tapi... Umph!

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Internet application's class (week 3)

(21st February,13)

Web browsers
-A Web-processing software---> You have to INSTALL it to your computer!
-a software (application) you use to USE the internet

  1. Internet Explorer
  2. Mozilla Firefox
  3. Opera
  4. Safari
  5. Google Chrome

Search engines
-something that you use to look for information ---> No need to install it to your computer as it's available online! :D
-eg: OPAC--to search for a book

  1. Yahoo
  2. Google
  3. Bing
  5. Netscape
Checkout this website: Internet tutorials

Advanced search at google--> To find specific results in Google
*I wonder why does it appears in Malay?*

  • Internet marketing--> Company advertisers have to pay to search engine's company to be at the top of the list
Too many search engine- Why?
  • It's all about capitalism, maybe you can't found things from google, but in other search engine
  • This is an answer that I've found online
Google has dominated the search space for a while but there are a number of "new" players that approach the problem from a different perspective.
Microsoft has a new search engine called Bing, which is supposed to be more semantics based. With features like:
-Best Match: All the relevant results are showed up with the most relevant link on the top and called out -Instant Answers: One-click access to the information listed in the search results. -Deep Links: Talks more about the resources of the particular site -Bing Maps: These maps for Enterprise are actually Virtual Earth, Microsoft’s mapping platform -Bing Travel Rate Key: comparison of the Hotel’s the location, price and amenities will be represented in color coded manner -Video Search: where you can search for videos by length, screen size, resolution, and source
Wolfram Research has announced a tool called Wolfram|Alpha that will disrupt what people think about search. It computes the answer to your queries, deriving the results from what it finds instead of directing you to other sources of information. You can type in "Mars" and see a summary of mathematical characteristics.
  • People provide you with infomation, instead of you finding them
  • Eg: FB pages, twitter, Youtube
  • How to do it? - Sign up or Subscribe
Debate time!
"Online classes are the way to go in universities of the future"


  1. Time-saving
  2. Convenient
  3. Save money--> no need to provide a lot of facilities, e-books available (green & cheap)
  4. Be independent--> learn on your own, find your own materials
  5. Socialize online
  1. Students can't develop their social ,communication & leadership skills
  2. Learn through experience
  3. Hidden curriculum are taught --> soft skills/ discipline
  4. Students don't know their mistake --> no teacher to correct them online
-online class, distance learning & blended environment.
-space to learn for everyone (online class as a medium due to large population)

  • Find an article on 'online class, distance learning & blended environment in education' 
  • Reflection based on the debate & the article (provide own opinion too) --> 100+ words

Sunday, February 17, 2013


*Staring at their face will make me feel happy & calm-always*

The title of the post itself reminds me of The Fray's song- happiness. Well, pikah introduced me while we were in high school. Eheh. *Ok, ignore that*

One of my friends posted a status this morning on how to have happiness in her life. And... I replied:

This makes me realized that by practicing the deen is one of the main thing that we have to focus about. Be conscious with people around us, get socialized with others, and to appreciate with what we have. 

Practice- one of the things stressed by most of the speakers in the Heroes conference that I joined last semester. May Allah makes things easier for us, and... we'll find happiness- not only here, but also in the hereafter~ :)

Dear nina, please live your life with full of consciousness!

When the going gets tough, the tough get going...

*Life is complicated, yet challenging...*

Ni anak-anak kucing saya, yang emak nye nama 'Panda'. Dalam ramai-ramai, cuma sekoq je yang survive, 2 lagi mati. 

"When the going gets tough, the tough get going."
-to emphasize that when conditions become difficult, only strong people take action 

Ok, make sense sndiri lah apa kaitannye. *TEEHEE*

Kadang-kadang kita rasa iman kita jatuh, ibadah macam gitu-gitu je...

Hati rasa kurang senang. Cemburu tak pasal-pasal dengan orang... Marah bila orang cakap yang kita ni kena baiki diri...
Kena improve attitude... Kena kawal diri...

Tapi Allah masih bagi masa untuk kita self-reflect...
Kadang kita takut untuk jadi baik, takut orang cakap alim-alim kucing, takut tak dapat berterusan, takut itu, takut ini.

Tapi percaya lah, nak lawan semua ketakutan tu satu mujahadah.
Nak biarkan apa orang cakap tentang perubahan kita, pekakkan telinga, itu pun satu perkara yg susah.

Mujahadah is such a difficult thing to be done... 
Because we have nafs . But believe me, once we've started something good, we won't turn to bad things again, as long as we really, REALLY wanna change our attitude. Well, du'a as well, dat's quite vital... hmm!

Good luck~ 
And... don't get yourself confused~ ;)

-A note, for me.-

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Programming course (week 2)

Today's topic: DATABASE

What is database?
-Organized collection of information
-a   repository for information organized in such a way that a computer program can quickly select or retrieve desired pieces of data

-code in matric card to store all details about the student (stored in 1 database)
-borrowing books from library (stored how much books you borrowed)
-telephone books
-collection of music
-list of students

Database (a rack)---> you can put stuff in & out (like a folder)

*there are many ways to organize a 'cabinet'
-classify files into their types

2 Types of database(how we design the database?): Flat  vs relational
-the way you design database will determine how fast the database runs-->& this leads to normalization

1-Microsoft excel-Flat (everything is stored in 1 table)

-repeating information
-slow to retrieve information
-difficult to re-organize info
-increase risk of typos
-no transactions

2-Microsoft access -Relational (break down information into different types-student's info, course info, mahallah info)-each data in each tables should be related to each other (eg: same student ID)

- organized database
-sorting using tables-->
-summarizing it using reports
-extracting in 

-breaks part into different tables
-relates/connects tables with unique key (different matric numbers)
-prevents duplicate information
-it's efficient and less prone to error
-optimizes the performance-retrieve from 1 specific information-->easy to search-needs less time to retrive information

-the process of splitting data across multiple tables to improve overall performance, integrity(repeating) & longevity(the way how we retrieve-take less time)
-split out data into a particular table-->we need relationship to split the tables

Why normalize
 -no need to repeat information(which will takes up unnecessary space)
-data grow exponentially(rapidly)-will affects the storage
-To avoid slow performance
-To avoid inconsistency-which can avoid searches

How to normalize?
-By splitting the data

Objects in database

-it refers to individual components that comprise database
4 basic objects: -->complete database
-tables-to store
-forms-to design the interphase -how you want to design the data
-queries-to retrieve informations from table

-macros & modules (visual basic)

What is the heart of the database?
-The tables
-The most important object in database


  • we cannot key in data without tables (we cannot report without tables)

What is table?
-a collection of information organized into:

  1. Fields( columns in table)
  2. Records (the rows in the tables)
  3. Data values (the actual information itself)
  4. Data type(auto number, text,number, currency, date/time, yes/no, attachment, hyperlink-via email, memo, lookups)
Limit 2GB-the space needed for system objects-should avoid repeating information 
 Numbers of objects in database=32,768
Characters per object name =64
Number of concurrent users=255


-insert field names
-specify the data type
-i can edit the caption...

*learning database will helps in understanding programming better... :) 
Extra note