Sunday, February 17, 2013


*Staring at their face will make me feel happy & calm-always*

The title of the post itself reminds me of The Fray's song- happiness. Well, pikah introduced me while we were in high school. Eheh. *Ok, ignore that*

One of my friends posted a status this morning on how to have happiness in her life. And... I replied:

This makes me realized that by practicing the deen is one of the main thing that we have to focus about. Be conscious with people around us, get socialized with others, and to appreciate with what we have. 

Practice- one of the things stressed by most of the speakers in the Heroes conference that I joined last semester. May Allah makes things easier for us, and... we'll find happiness- not only here, but also in the hereafter~ :)

Dear nina, please live your life with full of consciousness!

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