About me

Assalamualaikum, and hi!

I am Tengku Nurdiyana.
A student of IIUM at kuliyyah of Education.
Currently doing my Bachelor in TESL.
I am in my third year of study, still learning what education is all about, how English works, and how to teach people to understand as well as to be able to use the language.

I love photography. Sometimes I write, virtually. But most of the time in my own journal, which I can write freely.

Writing is fun, actually.
That's why I am having this blog, since I was in my secondary school, the time when Friendster and MySpace got famous one time ago...
And here we go, interesting stuffs to read.
I do read my previous entries sometimes, just to see how much I have developed.
From there, you can see how much you have grown up, your maturity...

Oh, that's enough, let's stop here.
Too much to say about our lives.
My advice is, just be yourself, embrace yourself, and... try to find your strength, and the beauty inside you.


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