Thursday, September 29, 2011

This week's lesson.

Assalamualaikum.... know what?Sometimes I feel weird. Yeah, weird.Sometimes I do not understand about what people really want. I wish that I am a psychologist. Boleh baca fikiran orang.Huargh3~

I am looking for the true love.
You know,

2. Rasulullah s.a.w.

I hope that I'll feel that one day.
I want it.
I hope that I'll do something to get it.
Have you ever feel enough of loving Him?
And what are the proofs?
It will be questioned one day.During the Judgement Day.

And why do I have to get tense due to tons of assignments?
Things to be done?

Aku terpukul bila baca artikel ni .

Semangat muda memang membara, tetapi seringkali ramai yang mengabaikan tanggungjawab sebenar mereka terhadap diri, ibu bapa, dan agama mereka – belajar. Belajar dengan sebenar-benar makna belajar. Menuntut ilmu.

Yea,tak belajar dengan sebenar-benar makna belajar.
Aku harap aku kuat. Tetap hati untuk belajar dengan sebenar-benar belajar.
Bila baca majalah solusi pon terpukul lagi dengan statement-statement yang menyedarkan diri yang lalai nih.Isk.

I hope that I'll be a good murabbi one day. :)
Pray for me.
Peace be upon you.

Oh ya!Lets's listen to this song,by Opick (I've started to love his songs! All of them~ )

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Taaruf week.

Raya sudah habis bagi saya.Sekarang masa untuk belajar.Meriah makan kuih raya, nasi minyak, satay, semua dah tak ada kot. Yang ada kemeriahan assignment yang nak datang bertimbun-timbun~Welcome!

Islamic architechture buildings. Can you guess where does it takes place...? XD
Okay, I'll give you some other clues.

Well, I guess this is enough . You can make a smart guess now.Ha ha.

This campus is quite okay I guess. Although the systems are quite complicated to be understood,and the fees are quite expensive, but I do hope that I will gain something better for the upcoming  4 years. I love the environment. I love the students, the people, staffs, on.
The problem is just we're not living nearby to the shopping mall like we did in UiTM kuantan before. We have to ride on a bus so that we can get to the nearest town. Gombak isn't it? Ngeheh.

We,the direct intake students (which are not the ex- foundation of iium) have such a rough ride throughout the taaruf week. As freshies, we are clueless, always get worried about our registration & stuffs, course registration,co-curricular involvements,and so on.

But thanks a lot to the seniors,they've helped us a lot after that.Bravo!

Geng lama sampai sekarang. :)

Jadi orang berguna.Harap-harap gitu.
I miss dungun a lot. :'(