Friday, June 22, 2012

Nak pandai baca


Cuti memang ohsem, tapi kalau dah nak hujung-hujung memang sedih. Takpela, berkorban untuk cari ilmu. Semuanya kembali normal, kurang tengok tv, banyak tengok movie (oops!) , kena rajin baca, tapi tak pandai membaca

Tak pandai membaca.

Ya, kurang pandai membaca.

Baru aku tahu aku kurang skill membaca.

Selama ni aku membaca memb**i buta. 

Rupa-rupanya aku kena baca banyak kali baru melekat segala fakta yang aku kena serap dalam kepala.

Acu tengok video ni, sangat berguna untuk sesiapa yang rasa (atau terasa) yang dia ada masalah dengan membaca.

Apa yang boleh dirumuskan daripada lecture Syeikh Hamza Yusuf ni,ada tips yang penting yang ambe take note. Kalau nak baca buku,pastikan ada elemen-elemen ni :

  • 3R (Read, Write, Reckoning)--> Baca, tulis , fikir
  • Terus membaca, membaca, dan membaca! Walaupun beratus ribu kali pun. (Dalam lecture ni, dia bagitahu Ibn Sina membaca buku yang sama sebanyak 50 kali. Haaa... Tapi masih tak faham lagi. Bila ada buku bacaan lain yang ada kena mengena dengan buku yang dia pernah baca, baru lah kefahaman tu lebih kukuh. Alah, rujukan banyak-banyak gituuuu~)
All the best!
Happy reading!

*I used to borrow this book from the library because it's handy and cute (it's red!) but I didn't managed to finish reading it. Seems like we need to improve our reading skills!*

Monday, June 4, 2012

Mother knows best

It was the examination week,
As usual,
I was sitting in this hot-windy room,
Fan was rotating at the highest speed,
Staring over white papers,
Reading texts,
Highlighting keywords,
Writing short notes,
Until one moment,
I got bored.

I took out my laptop,
Pushed over the power button,
I continued reading few bundles of white papers again,
And when everything was ready,
I clicked on the My Document’s file,
Looking for a folder entitled Love,
I dragged the cursor to the first picture,
The screen displayed an image,
Full with happiness,
Sitting on a blue couch,
Everyone was wearing traditional Malay outfits,
It was Eid celebration!
Oh, how I miss my family.

I felt my grey-coloured steel table vibrating,
The airplanes song started to play,
The piano music is very fascinating,
I like it,
It was my phone that was vibrating,
I took a glance at it,
The contact name Abah displayed on the screen,
Hurray! Mama called me,
There was a feeling of excitement,
I knew that it was the sixths sense of a mother,
"Mother knows best",
As what the Rapunzel’s mother said…


Lights off next compartment,
She’s already slumber,
It’s an unearthly hour for cramming,
It’s rather late in the day for that,
I know,
But I have to,
As the cute Kelantanese lecturer had mentioned,
Cramming might be worthwhile,
Rather than stays still,
Like a dead corpse,
And waits for a miracle to happen,
Nay, I won’t surrender!
I reckon that I’m going now,
It’s cramming moment!
Guess I’m a nocturnal creature for today…