Monday, June 4, 2012

Mother knows best

It was the examination week,
As usual,
I was sitting in this hot-windy room,
Fan was rotating at the highest speed,
Staring over white papers,
Reading texts,
Highlighting keywords,
Writing short notes,
Until one moment,
I got bored.

I took out my laptop,
Pushed over the power button,
I continued reading few bundles of white papers again,
And when everything was ready,
I clicked on the My Document’s file,
Looking for a folder entitled Love,
I dragged the cursor to the first picture,
The screen displayed an image,
Full with happiness,
Sitting on a blue couch,
Everyone was wearing traditional Malay outfits,
It was Eid celebration!
Oh, how I miss my family.

I felt my grey-coloured steel table vibrating,
The airplanes song started to play,
The piano music is very fascinating,
I like it,
It was my phone that was vibrating,
I took a glance at it,
The contact name Abah displayed on the screen,
Hurray! Mama called me,
There was a feeling of excitement,
I knew that it was the sixths sense of a mother,
"Mother knows best",
As what the Rapunzel’s mother said…

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