Thursday, April 14, 2011

"An inch miss is as good as a mile"

Peace be upon you~

You must have been thinking what does the meaning of that phrase...
It's a saying,meaning  that if one fails in something,it makes no difference how close one comes to succeeding.
It means that...Nothing's impossible,although if you fall,it doesn't mean that you cannot be successfull AT ALL. It's just,you need to be more determine.
Yes,the willpower is the most significant thing...

Okay,this post is specially written for me,just to motivate myself.
Yeah,I admit...This kind of feeling sometimes is sort of ridiculous!Oh,why does this happen?
Nyah kau setan!(Don't believe their sweet-talks!)

Yea,we should feel pleased for our friends,for their excellent result.
And I admit,it's my mistake too for being very careless,and take things for granted.
Okay,let's come clean...
This dissappointment makes me feels like I'm going downhill. T_T
And sometimes it makes you feel like you don't even have the ghost of a chance on something... *Sigh*

Maybe it's just me for being too careless.
Take things for granted---->Yeah,I think this is the main factor!
And then sometimes you enter the exam hall off the cuff. 
And thinking that the tests might be just a piece of cake...
No no no...
Don't you ever have that particular type of thinking.
Do not bark up the wrong tree..

Apart from that, when you get into a college life,you have to get cracking.
Please,do not just 'settle down' yourself or hobnob.

Sometimes,you have to bite your tongue know,usually the gentle sex love to have a veeeery loong chit-chat. Ha ha.
It is UNDENIABLY true that the females talk more than males do.
(And,undeniable too that certain males talk more than we,the females are.)
Especially when you are far away from your family,standing by your own feet,it's not that easy to get control of yourself.The same goes to the people that are not get used to live without their families.
However,I can see that eventhough they do not get used to it,but some of them can cope with the situation...Bravo!(Khas untuk cik Yasmin Khairani & Adira) :D
But,as we know...The blood is thicker than water.Of course you'll miss your family,the food,mom's cookings.
And it is not a big problem if you have a cast iron stomach as you need to survive when you're in campus life. 
(Please take note:You don't have to eat stones.It's just, you have to be wise enough in controlling your expenses...That's all...And now you are practicing on how to be a good accountant!)

Ah,dear,got one more advice.
Don't forget to look for an usrah group.
It's important,seriously important!
Advices for the university students,and...not to forget,bakal-bakal junior uitm kuantan.(Never get the chance to be a senior)
You may join GIA(Global Islamic Art) Club.
We have lots of programmes every semester.
And one of the activities (which is a must in every sem) is the Quranic Group.
It will be held in groups,with naqib or naqibah in every group .
(Naqib & Naqibah can be the seniors from UIA or the committees itself)
Please,do not misjudge...
The Quranic Group is not a boring activity.Yeah,it's totally fun,yet informative & you can learn lots of things from it!
Still don't believe me?Let's see this picture:-(Sorry,it takes way too long to upload,so I manage to upload just this one picture.Jangan marah aa..XD )

*This was the final Quranic group,held in teluk cempedak with the topic: LOVE*

For more info, go to this blog,Musafir Cinta. 

They also promotes interesting activities last semester such as Explorace,a trip to Taman Tamadun Islam,and so on...And..I can't forget the 1st Quranic Group held in 2nd semester,which was conducted by Adibah,at Taman Gelora.Well done dear!It was totally awesome!Games like that make people become more interested to join the usrah.
We learned lots of things from Surah Luqman,and everyone get involved in the activity,games...We enjoyed ourselves so much!Not to forget,we were also provided with a plentiful information about life.(Please refer to Surah Luqman)

Well,I've got numerous pictures to be shown,but the broadband's performance won't allow me to do so.Amhaha..

Join!Jangan tak join!Rugi ooo...

So,don't forget to join such groups okay.
Usrah is one of the good ways for us to seek for knowledge,and also to refresh our minds & purify our hearts...
Although you have already joined another club(s),but you still can join the usrah.
 It is open for all UiTM kuantan campus students and will be held on weekends.
(Er,always refer to the notice board.Heheh)
End of promoting GIA...

Let's move on to my BIG problem.
I am sleepy.
So,I've gotta hit the hay.

Oh dear..Go to your bed,right away!

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