Sunday, March 17, 2013

A day with An-Nasuha's children.

This program was organized by BEDSA (Bachelor of Education Students' Society).

At first, I thought it wasn't going to be a great day. There's just some minor problems- the program started a bit late, we had to patiently waited for the participants, etc... But it ended up well, after we had a 'counseling session' with kak Zue. Well, it supposed to be called as LDK (Latihan dalam kumpulan), but having a counseling module isn't a bad start. Kak Zue deserves to be a counselor, I think. She applied all her knowledge & shared them with us! :D

There's a famous saying: 'A picture speaks a thousand words'.
So let these picture 'speak', I guess more than a thousand words- but millions? *Hah!*

Our miss MC, Sabrina the teenage girl! She ain't a witch. :p

Kak Zue, our counselor-to-be...

This was my emotion at the beginning. Blur memanjang. 

Tia, the artistic girl. She's one of the most creative person I've met in my life. I love paintings in her room~ Hah!

Next, this was what I wanted to feel this morning-  be cheerful! And Kak Zue added with a quotation; "Life is about adjustment", it's about how we try to manage ourselves into the situation. *positive thinking mode~*

Hope I can always stay energetic!

"Please draw a tree"

"I'm done Kak Zue...! What's next?"

"Cut down the papers, put 2 different colors at each side. And then, write your qualities at the right side of the tree, and your negative characteristics on the left."

"U-hum. Done!"

Eh, semek perasan la kita ambik gambar dia :P

I wanted to capture these girls' picture. Yang jelir lidah tu cakap, "Satu je".

Pian. The most extrovert among the an-nasuha's children

I can't remember his name, but he's good in arts, just like my little brother. Boys are creative, aren't they? 

'Dondang sayang...' :p

Hafiz (or we called him pisang, because we've got a topic on local fruits- and he's wearing yellow shirt, so...PISANG! Btw, he made this 'gun'. Cool isn't it? He's more creative than me. -,-'

'Cikgu' tengah berlatih~

Sofy with a ten year old girl.

I'm such a bad actor. I'm  a policewoman, yet I was smiling! Topi pulak jatuh. *malu*

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