Saturday, September 5, 2009


setting:inside a library in dungun,terengganu

time:about 12.30 p.m

date:5th september 2009

  • why does my stomach keeps making some strange sounds?

  • since yesterday!urrgghh!!but it doesn't hurt at all...huhuh.

  • Was it just a normal digestive process?aiiya!

  • such a humiliating day.

  • thank God nobody responses.i'm just afraid if they thought that i'm.......*tuut..*>kentut

  • but actually i doesn't!

  • it's just a stange sound coming from my beloved stomach.burpp!

  • how did ya do that?uhuh!what happpened to my stomach this ramadhan?oo...ramadhan....oo...stomach....00000....0000...

  • fine..

  • tomorrow and the nex-next-next day gonna be a hard day for me

  • why?

  • because i'm gonna have exams on 'critical subjects' especially CHEMISTRY!!

  • oo000...CHEMISTRY...A killer subject!

  • you're such a disaster.

  • it's so hard to understand ya,

  • ooo....chemistry

  • there's always chemistry in life

  • but there's no chemistry in my mind,

  • there are chemical reactions in my brain,

  • but there is still no chemical reactions that i could bear in my mind!

  • there are particles around me

  • i can feel the paricles,

  • but i still can't understand,

  • the way to calculate the number of moles....bla..bla..bla..

  • there were a lot of redox reactions around me

  • but i still cannot understand how does it happened

  • even

  • i'm a science student

  • 00oooooooOOO....chemistry

  • what am i supposed to do?

  • tel me how to understand ya?

  • because i'd really love to know ya better

  • and please,give me a chance to know ya better.........................CHEMISTRY.

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