Thursday, December 2, 2010

Inspire me

Peace be upon you~

Alhamdulillah,like yesterday,I've started my day with something that is very good for me.And of course,not wasting my time by doing ridiculous things in the morning like what people always do-->SLEEPING.

I had a class,Islamic Education studies 2,which is one of the subjects in foundation of TESL course.
And,again,I praise to Allah because we've already got a new lecturer (YEAY!) which is the UiTM lecturer,came from Jengka.And,he's about 50's.A simple man,just like a father for me. ^_^

Some briefing about him.Ustaz Aiza Bin Bidin.(Oh!I've remembered his name!Selalunye susah nak hafal name orang.Senang nak hafal name ustaz ni,pendek + unik.)
 Paling pelik dengan ustaz ni,die cakap pernah dapat 4 flat 3-4 kali je.....
Je?Je?Haih..Memang dahsyat.Tapi satu benda yang aku paling respect dengan ustaz ni-->He have good time management!

But mine?*teeeeeeeet* No comment.Maybe next time I have to spend my whole day in da library.Haha
Like what I always do when I was in form 3.And I admit,it is very affective!Haha.If u wanna be a gud student,make sure you do this = Manage your time wisely  ;)


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