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Agree with my statement?

Peace be upon you~
Okay, I am sitting next to the washing machine, waiting for my clothes to be washed by the machine (  Oh! How lazy I am...Thank God to UITM by providing 2 washing machine for each block :D 
Or else, on weekends, I'll be in the bathroom for HOURS. mwa ha ha)

So, I need to finish my persuasive speech's presentation entitled : "We should learn how to cook!"

*Men also need to learn the cooking skills!*

I am too lazy to write in the book, so, let's make this as a practice, okay. Ngeheh
Okay,my question here is : " Why everyone must learn cooking??"

Who agree with me?!Raise up your hands!!! (Sorry, I can't see it XD  )
Okay, from my analysis (Chewah!) , I think it is necessory for us (whether men or women) to learn cooking because... WE LOVE TO EAT! ha ha. Am I right?
Even the kids love food! They love to eat sweet things. While the adults love to eat something that is---->delicious.(Mamamammmiaaaaaaaaa......~)

When I was around in standard 2, my parents asked me whether I wanted to have a cake or eat satay?
Of course I'll choose a CAKE!( Pssst! The same goes to my sister and my little brother XD  )
Ehem! So...It's a common thing among the children ayte? ^_^

*Simple chocolate cake. The only cake recipe that I know to cook.Eheh*

So, what's the connection between people's favourite foods and 'Why we shouldd learn how to cook'?
Okay, let me explain one by one.

If you can cook,you can............


*Chinese people eating 'yee sung'*
This is because food brings people together.For instance, if you are celebrating big events, the most important medium to bring people together is through eating. Haa... I love to see the chinese people. During chinese new year, their family will gather in a big round table, have a long chit-chat (meaning: informal conversation about matters which are not important), and so on.And of course, it is their tradition to eat 'yee sang'.
  Besides that, you can also spend your time with your family members by--->Cooking! How?
  1. You may cook with your family members on weekends. Hence, it can tighten your relationship with other family members.
  2. You can help your mother. The process of learning itself helps to refresh the relationship.:)
  3. Cooking before Eid. (Ahha! I kinda love this part. At certain places in Malaysia, they will cook lemang, ketupat, dodol( this is the ardest part ever! You need to stir it for hours, and the result? Depends..If you are expert in cooking dodol, no prob! ), rendang(Of course, to be eaten with lemang or ketupat), cakes & cookies,etc! (Too many dishes during Eid in Malaysia. So, if you don't know how to cook, it is such a shame. (Mwa ha ha). Yes! We need to learn the skills ayte?
  4. Last but not least, to win poeple's heart. Ahhah!Can you guess who? Well, for the unmarried people, of course, they may cook for their parents,family or friends .But, for the married couple, it is a must (In Malay culture) for a woman to know on how to cook!If not, it is such a shameful thing, when you get back to your mother-in-law's house, then you are the only one that didn't know how to cook. Even the skills are not there!This is because, in cooking, you need to hold the knife in a correct way, how to make sure that your sambal belacan is the kaw-kaw  one..Chef Wan give some tips about how to know the food that you are cooking are delicious. One of it is about sambal tumis."Masa tengah tumis-tumis tu, kalau terbersin, bak kate orang tue-tue maknanya makanan tu sedap la tuh.."*Lebih kurang gitu la deh.heh*. Not to forget, for the married couple, to win their spouse's (a person's husband or wife) heart. So....important.Don't ask me ,you should ask those who are already get married because they have plenty of experiences!
Okay, second,

How? Okay, let me tell you my experience. Since I stayed in Bukit Sekilau, my daily expenses increase to RM10 per day! Don't you think that it is such  a waste to spend too much money on foods? Plus, you cannot have the exact amount of food that you need for your stomach. For instance, if you are having breakfast, you need to fill up the polystyrene with plenty of foods, more that what you need because you don't want to waste your money by eating a little,but pay more.Then,you cannot finish up your food, and throw it into the bin,and it smells awful when I get on the stairs! (Sometimes it does. I need to hold my breath until I reached down.)

Uhum! Okay, if you cook by your own, by using RM10,you can buy many types of raw food materials & keep them in your refrigerator,use it when you want it,save your foods, expenses,time,er,what else?Too many significance!He he


  • To make it short, you can have a hygienic food, free from disease(insyaAllah,if you also wash your hands before cooking,ensure the cleanliness of the foods itself, the places and the equipments used...)
  • You can control the amount of calories that you needed according to your diet style.
  • You can have a healthier food ,according to the food pyramid.


*Cute,isn't it? :)  *

I guess I've got to look for another points.Haum...That's all from me.
Peace be upon you.
Ahhah!Make sure the foods are Halal~!


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