Thursday, May 5, 2011


Peace be upon you~

One day, I was watching TV,with a glass of milo.Suddenly!
A saw a creature,hairy,with a tail,carrying something in its mouth.
And...Guess what?

Panjang with her new baby!

Oh my!Oh my!
Okay,kinda shocked.
Her stomach looked so huge last night,and now,it's flat.(Er,ignore about her stomach)
Then mama geledah la bawah rumah,dalam almari (Pandai dia buat projek)
Alhamdulillah,Panjang selamat lahirkan 3 ekor anak...
And Panjang has got 3 new babies! *Fireworks!Fireworks!*
Happy Birthday!
And these are Panjang's new babies.
They move a lot,so I can't snap their pictures nicely :(

*Debor anok ye mengiaow~Selamat hari ibu,Panjang!*

Harap-harap kali ni anak dia tiga-tiga ekor berjaya survive hidup dekat dunia yang amazing nih!
Tengok!Kucing pun pandai jaga anak~Kucing pun sayang anak tau! :D

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