Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Peace be upon you.

Today, we’ve had a very good & exciting day. Well yeah, new semester with new burning spirits! Of course I’m kinda sad to leave my  hometown( sape tak sedih kan~?), my family & cute plus unique cats! *Awwww!* With those new kittens (yang bising mengiow macam kena karen bila mak dia datang). Ahhh~

Panjang with the 3 babies *Aww!*

Okay, back to the topic. I wanna talk about my new core subject; “Introduction to literature”. Sounds boring isn’t it? The first time our lecturer came into our class, I was kinda shocked! Well, he’s not a Malay man by the way. With that British accent-I guess our class will be absolutely boring by learning those theories of literature components, poems, short stories, SHAKESPEARE (Well, this is a must in literature, isn’t it???). Oh, this is gonna be a very boring course in my whole life! When he entered the class, he asked us to prepare the answers for these two questions;

1. Why are you here?


2. What are the aims/objectives that you want to achieve at the end of the course?

Ahah! That’s it! A very ‘nice’ introduction. Then, he went out to pick up his stuffs, I was very blurred, don’t know what to say, and... the most typical answer in my mind or we can say it as a cliche –“ we are here because literature is the core subject! It is a compulsory for us!” Oh yeah!! *fireworks on the ceiling*

Then, we just discussed about the answers, everyone gave their own opinions and ideas, bla bla bla... And, guess what? The most typical answer also came up! Well, I’ve told you before... XD

Lepas tu, lecturer tu tulis lah outline dekat whiteboard... Masa discuss tadi, baru aku tahu first impression kitorang pasal dia rupanya salah. Ooops! Kusangka garang, rupanya girang (teehee!)

Mula-mula, macam biasa lah, bila masuk bab assessments, mesti ingat ada quizzes. Well, you know, written assignments, presentations, bla bla bla... (which are very academic-based assessments). But when it comes to discussions & new ideas, our lecturer changed almost all of them! A- hah! This is the most interesting part! And guess what?- we’ll not having a final examination for this course because it has already been replaced by a cool project-DRAMA! *fireworks on the sky*

Ah! Can’t believe that we’re going to have a play while learning literature. Ahamdulillah, there’s not so many written-assignments (which are so academic-based learning) , and .... all of us like it!

Alhamdulillah, there’s a girl which is so sincere to point out that she expected to have an enjoyable way of learning literature because... you know, analysing and reading old poems (eg: by shakespeare) is not that fun. In fact, most of us are Malays. Well, all of us are Malays! Another nice idea that I’ve heard in the class - to learn Islamic literature. Well, that’s a brilliant idea. Mesti la tak mengarut macam shakespeare kot, mungkin lebih membuka minda. Tapi, kena google sendiri lah. *Peace*

Bincang punya bincang, saya mendapati kebanyakan assessments adalah lebih kepada praktikal (Woah!) .Yeah, that’s true. Mungkin bila kita adaptasi bahasa tu sendiri dengan tulis poem ataupun short story sendiri, kita sedikit sebanyak akan faham literature components. Dan part presentation pulak namanya ‘share favourites’ di mana kami perlu kongsi poems ataupun short stories yang diminati plus bagitau sebab musabab. *Mode: excited*

I guess that’s the difference between the Malay and foreign lecturers....maybe? It depends. Mungkin lecturer biarkan kita buat pilihan sendiri untuk pilih cara untuk belajar literature, kerana si penerima ilmu itu perlu lebih tahu bagaimana cara untuk dia menerima ilmu tu sendiri. (A...HAH!)

Frankly speaking, I don’t even remember most of the things I’ve learnt in literature classes before. So, applying the knowledge is the best way in remembering & understanding the knowledge itself.

The same goes to our daily lives. Kalau tahu teori memasak nasi carrot (sedap weh!), step by step pun tahu (siap hafal lagi), tapi kalau tak pernah alami memasak nasi carrot, ada kemungkinan untuk tak akan menjadi sebab tak tahu bila masa yang paling sesuai nak tumis, masuk nasi, cara masuk nasi, bla bla and bla.... Yelah, teori & praktikal kan lain. Dalam buku mana ada state tunggu sampai pecah minyak. Haha. (Tips from mama: Bila masak nasi carrot, kena masuk nasi sikit-sikit. Masuk sikit, kacau... Masuk sikit, kacau... Sampai la habis. Tapi jangan kacau kuat-kuat macam kacau dodol, nanti pecah pulak nasi korang, jadi la ala-ala beras ber-gred rendah. *peace*).

So, can I conclude that experience is the best teacher?

I ought to say yes!  :)

 Peace be upon you~

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