Thursday, January 17, 2013



Yes. If it comes to you, then expel it.
Laziness & idleness come because we don't know where we are.

This is knowledge-in which there is no room for you to be idle.
This is knowledge-which cause the heart to tremble.
How can you rest and enjoy your idleness- whilst you're dealing with the commodity of Allah?

And if you want to seek knowledge, then fill your heart with the Magnification of Allah.
Know that idleness & laziness will not come to you except due to sins.
And know that knowledge does not come- except due to heedlessness.
And the cure for that is what your Lord has guided you- to increase in seeking for forgiveness and repent towards Allah.
And say:

" O' Allah, I seek refuge in You from You preventing good- due to the evil in me"

So ask Allah to forgive you from the sins that is between you and this knowledge.
There is no prevention worse than being prevented from knowledge and action.

*This is an excerpt of Sheikh Muhammad Mukhtar al-Shinqti's advice on knowledge*

*I also provide the video, for a full version of the video.*

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