Saturday, July 10, 2010

Sometimes,weird things happens....then it makes someting becomes more complicated~

I kind of don't like confessions...Sometimes it makes us feel strange,thinking of..."Why did I told her bout that?".Or maybe..."Why did I confess it?oh no,what a shame!".Huhuh...Kinda frustrated rite?
But the most frustrating thing is...we can't turn around.We cannot change what had happened. And,I wish,if I did't say even a word about anything that I shouldn't let anyone know.Adoiyai...I know..I know..Everybody gets a headache right now,reading my 'confusing' words,handwriting.Ha..ha..

Another thing that makes me confuse right  now to write an essay about thhe scenario in singapore after the country became a member of Malaysia up to the time it seperated from Malaysia.Whoa~sounds great haaa.........haha.Not really actually.I have to use my own sentence to describe the scenario.Plus,my college writing skills assignment haven't finish yet.Haven't started yet!I guess I'll start it right after this.Huhuh.Just pospone my Malaysian Study's assignment first.First comes first! ^_^

Actually,there's something kept trembling in my mind right now.Hate when that happens.I felt guilty,everything.I still can concentrate to my study,but,I kept thinking about 'that thing' everywhere,anytime.Woo...Guilty,that's all I could  say about my feeling right now.

Allah is always by your side...'ll find your way~

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