Monday, July 12, 2010

what a day~~~

Today..I'm...not tired,but..nak cakap ape ah?
Enjoy speaking english(totally in English okay!) with Adira today~  ^_^

That's why I love TESL.We don't have to be shy to speak in english,we can speak in english whenever we want.Err,,without forgetting our mothertongue okay~(that's for sure~!)
Haha,never expected that I will have a long conversation like that,confidently,in english!Whoa~~
Boleh dikatakan rekod untuk hari ni nih.haha.
Actually,in college writing skills class,we have to talk FULLY in english!No matter what,no malay words in Madam Shima's class.I f not,10cent per malay word....Phew!Maybe for some people it is quite hard..But when you practice everyday,you'll get used to it.And......see??I'm writing totally in english right now,thinking in english.But when I speak to my friends(outside the writing class),we use our mothertongue..heheh.Well,we're still malay people right?But,speaking and writing are two differentt skills right?It have to be practice everyday..
Hurmm..That's all for today.Enjoy have a chit-chat with Adira this evening..haha.

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