Thursday, January 13, 2011

I'll keep your promise...

*Let's begin by saying 'Hi' to Smokey & Panjang*

Peace be upon you~
Nak balek rumah! Rindu dekat romantic couple ni, budak kecik yang kuat main game, cek kiah yang kecik molek, those cute cats, the beach, friends....everything! Not to forget, the  FOODS. Mmmmmmmmmmm......Yummylicious! :D

But, there's something kept bothering my mind, when I was in form 5 up until now. Yea, a promise. It's like a REAL promise, but... well, I don't know. Maybe I'm just lucky enough to have that kind of promise. Am I? Huhuh.
But,it sounds real,not a fake one. So,jangan sia-siakan kan?
I should appreciate it, and try to give it a try. Yea...Who knows? ^_^

* Learn something, and you'll see the greatness of Allah*
*Picture by: Faris,budak kuat maen game*

* Recite & understand the whole meaning, then we'll focus in our Solah*

*Hahha! I just loves your pose Panjang!*

'Say....thank you Allah!' ^_^

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