Monday, November 29, 2010

That's not my name!

Peace be upon you~~

*'Do not call me D'*
My 'shift' button was not working.Urgh.I wonder how many keypads are going to be 'not working'.Haiyomak...
Even the 'H' letter also gone!OML.I dunno what to do.Thank God I still can handle with it.Just push on the 'missing H letter' & the alphabet will appear on the screen.Okay,stop talking about my problematic lappy (actually,it didn't cause too much problem.Haha.Sesaje mengade nak tulih amende yang bermasalah)

Back to my life.TESL weh,TESL..Pening kepala gua.I don't know..Maybe it's just Im not very good in acting.That's all..Haaha.I can act,maybe it's just I'm not very good in the play-acting .Well,it needs a lot of practices right..It's not just acting,your body language,but you also need to express your facial expression!And I am a loser in doing that.Why?Because I love to smile!My facial expression is basically based on my mood.If I am in a good mood,then I willl smile.And it differs according to my mood.But,I think it is ok if you want to give me a simple character.Like...a simple character la..Sumtink that is not soooooo complicated like an angry women,an evil man or a very hot-tempered person.Haha!Sorry,I'm the fisrt person that will be rejected!(I know)

Because my muscles keep making me smiling all the time!Thank God I'm not smiling while I'm sleeping,or feeding da food inside my mouth.(betul ke ayat nim?ahak!)

So,those things makes me wonder,and think that..What I want to achieve in my life?Not just as a student,but also as a caliph,I'm just a servant.Lailahaillallah,muhammad rasulullah.

Now,I wanna share this link.Make sure you OPEN it!So that you will know what's the purpose of living in this world,what you should do,what you gonna do next,etc..
Click HERE
and...HERE! a human,we should worship Allah throughout our lives.From live till death,we live just for Allah.And I am proud & very grateful to be born & live as a muslim!
But sometimes I sad as some people that was born as a muslim,but their lifestyles didn't show who they are.I found that this condition is deeply poignant.Because sometimes they won't listen to us.But I always pray that Allah will show them the right path.Inshaallah...

And.....back to my Drama class just now.Well,it was kind of interesting.Maybe I just can be the storyteller,not the actor.Haha..But,it's not a big deal.C'mon,that's just a small matter lah..

Let's end it with this poem:-

Tundukku malu didepanMu

kernaku insan berdosa

kuadukan sesalanku
apakah kan Kau terima

kesunyian ini sedarkan diriku yang lena

lantas meratap hina kan ku pada sempurnaMu

terpaut aku tak berpaling

ku bersyukur hanya padaMu tuhan

kau temukan laluan bermula

Dan cintaMu bagai air di tandus sahara yang melepaskan dahaga

suburkan cahaya menerangi langkahku

ku bersyukur hanya padaMu tuhan

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