Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cooking make easy

I used to watch Nigella Lawson cooking in her famous TV cooking show, Nigella feast.
Oh,she makes cooking looks so simple!Huhuh!
You just throw everything into the mixture,& it will turn out into a magnificent food.
Urgh, and that's how men cook too. Like Abah,he just takes everything out out of the freezer & prepares something that looks yummy to be eaten.And of course,it will be a mouth-watering dish.
He's good in preparing salad, filled with fruits,blackpepper,etc.Yummy..
And mama,no doubt,she's  good cook.Almost everything she cooks tastes yummy!Even it's just the lauk singgang & budu.Huhuh,still delicious.This is what we said as 'Air tangan ibu',it always taste different...

Here, I wanna share a recipe that can make anyone's mouth water (perhaps).



A:Whisk them & mix together
Flour-2 cups
Cocoa powder-1 cup
Soda bicarbonat-1 teaspoon
Baking powder-1 teaspoon

Caster sugar-2 cups
3 eggs
Vanilla-1 teaspoon (if you are lazy,just use the vanilla bottle cap.It equals to 1 teaspoon too :)
Milk-1 cup
Melt butter-1 cup
Hot water-1 cup

How to bake?

  1. Heat the oven,set for 175-180 degree celcius.Heat up before you start preparing the cake!
  2. Add eggs & sugar in a bowl,beat well for a minute.(Bak kata orang melayu,kasi kembang itu telur lah!)
  3. Add vanilla,mix them.
  4. Add milk & butter into the mixture.Mix them & stir it.
  5. Insert ingredients A into the mixture,bit by bit. Not altogether okay! ^_^
  6. Next, pour in a cup of hot water.Mix well.........
  7. Insert the cake into the oven & bake for 45 minutes,or you may use a steamer to prepare your cake.It's up to you!
Now we're done. How to make sure that your cake is already well-cooked?
Take a bamboo stick and just push & pull it out.If there's anything stick on the stick,it means that the cake is not fully cooked yet.Wait for a few minutes.
Em,there's one more thing.If you are lazy enough to stir up the ingredients, just use a blender like Nigella always use to prepare cakes.I do the same thing,it's lot more easier,faster,delicious,magnificent,everything!Just need more electrical supply XD

By the way,I wish you all

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