Saturday, March 26, 2011


Please,no need to wait. No need to mention about it.
Please, before you are prepared,before you are sure enough!
I haven't asked you to glorify or praise me, nor giving me presents or whatsoever.
All I need is just some respect...
Please, I need some privacy.
I want to be free.
I know,you said that I am free to make my own choice.
Please stop sending unimportant messages.
Please stop commenting things that you are not sure about.
Eventhough it seems like you are really sure about it,
but please, I am not ready for those things.
I am not matured enough to do so.
I have more responsibilities to do.
I kinda understand your dreams about your future.
But, I am unprepared.I am unprepared.
I am unmatured.I am unmatured.
There are lots of things need to be discovered.
Yeah, and I am lack of knowledge.
And coherence is my rule,but I can be lenient at the same moment.
You think that I am too lenient,don't you?
But please, we still have the limit.
Let's move into the line,
Because I'm afraid that I am not strong enough to face those things before the time comes.
But I don't promise you anything.
Because we don't know what the future holds...
But, I do hope, me and you will have a great promising future.
But I do not put the blame 100% on you dear.
It was me, who used to be a naive girl.
Who used to be a namby-pamby person.
But, I am so grateful!
Now, my heart is filled with knowledge.
I can think wisely before I do something.
And girls out there, please...
Fill your heart with knowledge,
before you accept somebody
to fill your life with love.
Fulfill your heart with knowledge,
before you fill your heart by loving a guy (i mean, bf.aiya~~)
Though I never mentioned my decision,
I hope you'll understand.
Let's move into the line...
And thousands of apologies from me if I ever hurt thou.
But I am pretty sure,that thou will fully comprehend my desire...
Because forbearance is the best thing that you can do!


*Fill in the blanks first.Fill your heart with knowledge~*

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