Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hello world!


"Hello world!"-ayat familiar je dekat youtube..(?)
Okay,you figure it out on your own. XD

Sepanjang hayat aku,hari-hari aku,aku selalu fikir.Sokmo fikir.
"What should I do today?"
"What will I do in my life?When I'm working?"

So,everything is not clear enough actually.
But,alhamdulillah,since I joined the usrah group in UiTM kuantan,and also certain Islamic camps that I've joined before,I think it helps me a lot in changing my mindset.
Er,I mean,re-set my mindset (?)

And...I do hope that I will manage to get an offer to study in UIA. InshaAllah........
Well,it's not only due to the Islamic environment actually.
I've got several reasons on why I 'oblige' myself to select UIA as my 1st choice.
By the way,I've never felt regreted or dissappointed with what has happened.
Although I haven't managed to get a band 4 in MUET for my first attempt,I still managed to make a difference.
If not,surely I will put UiTM as my 1st choice in my UPU form.

Panjang di usia senja,& di-snap di waktu senja.Oh,you're very good in posing. :)
Again,alhamdulillah,Allah makes everything becomes easier for me.
I don't know how to explain it by words,but,you know,sometimes you can just,FEEL IT.
There's no need to think so much.
But I think I have to be very grateful as I am in the right track.

Ya,Allah lah sebaik-baik pengatur.
Tak usah sedih kalau tak dapat apa yang kita nak,sebab yang Allah beri mungkin lebih baik daripada tu,insyaAllah.
Berserah pada Allah,salah satu cara yang orang kata nak jadi optimistik (bahasa mudahnye,berfikiran positif la...)

Bila dah optimis,muka pun sokmo tersenyum walaupun ada masalah...
Jiwa pun terkawal...
Rasa pedih & parah di hati,walaupun bernanah,berulat mahupun berkulat tetap kuat bertahan sambil hati dirawat...
Sampai bila dapat terus bertahan? Sampai mati?
Sebab orang yang baik mesti akan lupakan keburukan orang lain,kebaikan yang dilakukan,& fikirkan keburukan yang dah dilakukan,supaya dapat improve diri sendiri.(kot)


Don't ever give up,eventhough there's a lot of obstacles.Ignore what negative perceptions that people might be saying for your actions!

Maafkan orang lain,minta maaf kepada orang lain,perbaiki diri,tingkatkan prestasi,kurangkan kontroversi.


-maaf dipinta jika ada yang terluka.tak kot? ke ye? entah le.
-I do miss my friends out there.Whether from SKTR,Sri Dungun,or UiTM kuantan (& MY USRAH GROUP!).
Sorry if i don't keep in touch,but I still miss you guys. :)
Honestly,from deep of my heart...


  1. Miss u too di yang manis! (^_^)

  2. salam..
    i really like the picture at the bottom of your text..hehe :))